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Spent time for developing the platform in order to make a modern WLS solution for Orb trading.
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What is GETRTB ?

An ad exchange is what allows SSPs and DSPs
to connect with each other. It is a neutral, autonomous platform that enables the entire buying and selling process via real-time auctions.
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The team at WMG is super co-operative and is really helpful and there to resolve all queries. We had some issue with discrepancies which the team did not only resolve but they also compensated for any issues that were caused in the reporting.
Divya Ratanpal
We're partners of WMG for several months now, and we really appreciate the partnership, responsiveness, and transparency they provide us with. We're a network of thousands of sites serving over 4B impressions per month, and WMG became a valuable ad partner for us.
Open, quick, and easy to deal with Communication is fast, detailed, relevant to the topic. As well as open-minded for new opportunities and pivot according to business.
Ignotas Liutika
WMG is a great company and partner. Delivery of transparency from their side, eases the business flow and allows to sustain great results. Pleasure to work with!
Emin Alpan
This company real professionals who do everything to ensure that the services provided are of the highest quality. Payments are made on time and without any delays.
Itay Rubinstein

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Supply/Demand Partners
A white-label ready OpenRTB adexchange (Version 2.3-2.5) for creating SP endpoints and connecting it to direct and 3rd party Demand Side Platforms.
Also enables integrating SP endpoints (Version 2.3-2.5) in order to connect them to direct and 3rd party Supply Side Platforms.
Ad requests
Bid requests
Winning bid
Fraud Detection Integration
Protected Media (prebid, post-bid) - In order to keep the quality of the trade as high as possible, we have built in traffic scanners, as we want to keep the industry clean and transparent as well as your business in particular

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+ 2000% / 3 months
Unleash the true revenue potential of your traffic. Get greater ROI from ad spend of your traffic partners. Define the terms of your marketplace and earn more.
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+ 2000 %

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